Hey dictator!

The Allure of the Persian…

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2009 at 5:23 pm

Ever since we started this blog, we have seen many foreign agents “confess” to various green crimes they have committed in Iran. But what is it about Iran that attracts so much attention? What is so attractive about it? Is it the oil? Is it the strategic geopolitical position of the country? No. We have just received a shocking new confession that reveals the true reason behind foreign meddling:

Aah the power of cats…and the allure of Persian cats…

  1. Who is that CAT!!!

  2. This is a resume of many people I have met through my travels, In China, Thailand through Pakistan and in North Africa; many people find that the thought of DESIRE is a shameful attribute. Of course the culture in these countries is closer to obedience rather than freedom, closer to poverty rather than riches. In considering this story we could rethink our involvement in the middle east. We are giving them what we think they want, on the other hand what they need is unbiased education and a better vision of life if they lived a better life, wars, religion and conflicts only bring loss and funerals to the people.

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